Recommend a site for gambling on the Kentucky Derby.
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Can anyone recommend a good gambling website in order to bet on the Kentucky Derby? [more inside]

I'd prefer a site that just allows me to bet with a credit card, and not have to sign up for an account or anything. Not a big issue, I just want it to be as simple as possible since I don't plan on betting on anything again until next year's derby. I'm not sure if this is an issue, but if there are any sort of commissions or fees, i'd obviously like those to be as low as possible. Finally, i'm only going to be making small bets, probably totalling about $20-30, so anything exclusively for big gamblers would definitely be out. Thanks!
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Response by poster: As a sidenote, any racing fans out there have any good picks?
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Many horse racing tracks offer something called Simulcast, which allows you to bet locally on races happening all over the world. I used to work at a track and I always preferred live racing, myself. Something about doing it away from the event took a lot of fun out of it. So if there's a track within distance of you, I'm willing to bet it'll be hosting a local event for the Derby.

Your best bet for finding places to lay your bets and take a look at what is happening with the handicappers is at the DRF (Daily Racing Form).
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What Salmonberry said. If you go with a group of friends, a simulcast event at your local track can be a blast. If that's not possible, take a look at TVG Network. They require you to set up an account but you can close it whenever you want to, and they charge only $0.25 per wager.

Alternatively, you could buy me a ticket and I'd go to Churchill Downs and place your bets for you in person...
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Response by poster: Definitely not going to a track, I have no idea where the nearest one is, and have dinner plans for after the race anyways. Thanks for the link to DRF, tons of great info there! I will check out the TVG Network for betting, thank you Alylex!
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I opened an account with for this very reason last year, placed my bets, and was mortified to find that my credit card got turned off a couple of days later. When I called to find out why, they said it had been used for ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. This was a Chase Visa. I explained to the rep that it definitely was legal, but there was no shaking her from her talking points. Moral: check with your card issuer before charging your initial account infusion.
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Response by poster: yikes, I will definitely watch out for this. Anybody know if this is specific to, or is this a common problem with online gambling?
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Response by poster: Hmm, according to this I can't use TVG from Pennsylvania. Is this going to be the case with other companies as well? At YouBet's faq page, it sounds like PA is ok, anybody know anything about these laws?
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Response by poster: SSF, might I ask which state you were in when you tried this?
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PA. And I would say that it's the credit card's opinion on this, rather than the gambling site, that's going to be the one you want to pay attention to.
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Here's some contact information for OTB (off-track betting) parlors in PA:

The Meadows: (724) 225-9300
New Castle: (724) 654-2221
Harmar Twp.: (412) 828-0610
Moon Twp.: (412) 262-3100
West Mifflin: (412) 650-9000

I don't know whether this is an all-inclusive list, nor am I sure whether you can make wagers by phone or online.

Sorry about steering you wrong with TVG. I forgot that they aren't licensed in all states, even where parimutual wagering is legal (like Pennsylvania).
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