Need help in identifying a RAM Module
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I need help in identifying this RAM module. Ideally I would have taken a picture and just posted it here but I'm one of the few people remaining who don't yet own a digital camera, so I'll just note down what's written on it and hope that someone can make sense on if it.

This is what the label says:

Kingston KVR

99R0004-002.A00 KVR333S0/512R
P805406-1560969 740617072655


The information I'm looking for about it is what one would post while trying to sell something like this on eBay or CraigsList.

If it helps matters, this came out of an old Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop, has four ICs on the board and I'm pretty sure it is 256 MB, though a Google search for 'KVR333S0/512R' seems to suggest that it is 512MB instead.

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Best answer: I believe if I'm reading the number correctly it is a 512mb module. The last number listed (740617072655) should be the UPC - which entered into Google comes out with several different matches for Kingston 512mb pc2700 chips several noted as replacements for dell laptops. It appears to be a match I'd say.
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Crucial says the Inspiron 5150 takes DDR PC2700 RAM.
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Best answer: KVR333S0/512R

This is the key bit there, for future reference. KVR = manufacturer/line (Kingston Value Ram). 333 = Speed in mhz (pc2700 in this case). 512- This should be obvious. R- No idea.
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This recent auction has tech specs. The SO probably stands for SODIMM. The R may stand for registered memory as opposed to ECC or unbuffered.
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R would appear to mean "Retail". If you look through their part numbers you find things like "BK" for Bulk Pack, "I" for "Intel Validated" and "N" for nVidia "SLI" memory.

There's no instance of R in the list, which makes sense since Kingston themselves aren't selling retail memory, retailers are. In fact, the only places it is listed is in their website coupons like this for OfficeDepot.

Random laptops almost certainly don't accept registered memory.
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