My baby (car) has a secret (compartment)
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My hatchback car (Honda Fit) doesn't have a separately-locking trunk or glovebox. Can I add a lock-box or secret compartment somewhere inside the car for stashing a few items, for those times I must turn over my keys (parking garage, valet)? Ideally I'd only be securing/concealing 3 deck-of-cards-sized items: iPod, GPS, EZPass. There are no official Honda accessories that do this, nor can I find any Fit-fanatic mods that have addressed it.
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You could get a little fireproof document safe (about the size of a cashbox) and laptop-cable it to a seat strut or something otherwise fairly permanent.

I am a veteran of trunkless cars with tiny gloveboxes, locking or not, and I just put that stuff in the armrest and shrug, if I even bother with that. I've never had anything go missing. Really, if someone wants it bad enough they'll get at it wherever it is, so I think more than half the battle is just putting it out of sight.
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I'm always hearing the rappers and whatnot talking about 'stash boxes' in cars. They seem to use 'em for guns and drugs, but I don't think that's a requirement. I bet you could get a car-customizing shop to build a small, locked compartment into your dash or under a seat or something.
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Third hit on google for "car safe". The website looks like sketchy. It almost looks like a web farm auto-generated site.
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Check out Jeep sites - they're all over this kind of thing. Most of it is pretty Jeep-specific, but it's possible you might be able to take something like the safe that goes under the rear seat and adapt it for use in your Fit. Google around for "underseat storage" or "underseat lockbox." There's also a fairly nifty under-hood lockbox, but it looks like it's pretty Jeep-specific.

Alternatively, you could just buy a small lockbox and bolt it underneath a seat, or any other convenient place. That's pretty much what these things are.
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