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How worried should I be that there's some new bruising on a week-old knee injury?

I took most of the fall from a bike accident on my knee; I haven't been able to bend it completely without (manageable) pain, and it pops a bit more than usual. It hurts way less than an ultimately non-serious sprain on the other knee a year ago, so I haven't been in to see a doc.

I've been inactive and am icing it, but doing neither as much as I probably should, and this afternoon I noticed some small new bruises, or at least a darkening of old ones. Is it anxiety time? Can I still hobble downstairs with my cane to catch the trolley tonight, or am I in a bad way?
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it sounds like you should have gone to the doc ages ago

unless you don't value walking, i'd do this asap
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I fell once from a bike but landed on my hands and forearms on cement, with more pressure on my left arm. I am one of those people with slower reaction time when it comes to bruises, skin abrasion etc. so the bruises appeared 3/4 days into it. It hurt but I was able to bend and function with it. If it's been a week and still hurts, I would go see a doctor. Knees are more delicate than you think, and taking a fall on your knee is worth going to see a doctor for. Do it asap.
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Courtesy of my sister, a health science major and sports-med nerd:

If it were a straightforward injury, new symptoms would not be appearing after a week. The popping is worrisome. See a doc.
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Oh, and: More rest, more ice.
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when I sprained my ankle, the bruises took a few days to show up. A week seems like a long time for blood to pool and coagulate, though.
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Hey! I had a bike accident two weeks ago that knocked out my teeth and really ballooned my knee. I went to the emergency room and my knee was apparently "fine," but I'm still seeing new bruises or changes in bruises even now, and it still hurts. The popping might be a problem, but the bruises, nah. I wouldn't worry about that.
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