Memphis Gift Basket
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I have a friend that is starting a new job in Memphis TN. I want to send her a gift basket of pastry's or a gift basket of food from Memphis for her and her office to enjoy. Can anyone please give me some advice on who to call or where to look?
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Jim Neely's Interstate Barbeque delivers internationally and is pretty goood. They don't really do pastries down here - unless biscuts count. I haven't even found a bakery within the city.
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Corky's BBQ. Barbecued pork shoulder is a sacrament, and the Memphis version is unique.

If you must have an alternative, how about GooGoo Clusters?
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You might try Dinstuhl's if you want to send chocolate and other candies, or La Baguette for pastries. I haven't had a gift basket delivered from either business, but I've bought candy for other people from Dinstuhl's and have eaten at La Baguette. I've been pleased with both.
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Rendezvous BBQ
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REndezvous is shit. Nobody should eat there, ever.
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Second Corky's BBQ. When I think of Memphis, I think of Corky's and my mouth begins to water. It is doing so right now.
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Seconding Rendezvous. People should eat there, long before the Corky's chain.
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Corky's and Rendezvous are both fine, I just happen to prefer the Rendezvous' ribs. Truth is, it takes more effort to find bad BBQ in Memphis than it does good so long as you stick with the local places.
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Rendezvous, Interstate, and Corky's are all good. I would gladly take any of them over 90% of what passes for BBQ up here.
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1-800-HOGS-FLY - Rendezvous and FedEx make a great team.

Goo-Goo Clusters are another good idea.
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I prefer Central Barbecue, Payne's, Interstate, and Gus' Fried Chicken to Corky's and Rendezvous. My parents ate at Central when they visited to help me relocate/move into Memphis, and liked it so much (my dad's obsessed with barbecue) he called them from upstate New York (where they live) a year later on my birthday to arrange for me to pick up a party pack including tons of ribs and pulled pork and sides to take to the park for a party with my friends. So I know they're game for that sort of arranging things from afar stuff.
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