Leg Muscle Tightness
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I've got a tightness in my left leg that bothers me when I run. It seems to eminate from behind my knee and I only notice it when I'm running. It may be related to a pain in my left glut that I get when I sit in the car for too long.

I blame it to an over-done set of leg presses about three weeks ago, and it hasn't gotten any better or worse. It's not debilitating, but it makes mile four a real chore. Anyone had a similar ache? Did it go away eventually?
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I have just had surgery on a pain I had behind my knee which was particularly noticeable after sitting for a while. At first I thought it was a hamstrring tear, then after physio we eliminated cruciate ligament or cartilage damage. It was not until keyhole surgery that the surgeon identified an overgrowth on the plica?, which was cut down and cauterised.

Basically, it's pretty damn complex in the knee, so it may be that a case of physio would help to identify the problem
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oh yeah, we also looked at possible calf-muscle injury because they begin behind the knee. certain repetitions on specific muscle groups might pinpoint the right area of the problem.
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sciatic nerve trouble?
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Response by poster: sciatic nerve trouble?

Sounds like it. The second link says that it usually abates in a few weeks. Thanks for that!
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if you're looking for a stretch, the one i was recommended for tight calves is to stand with toeson a step and (gently!) let the heels drop lower.

but if it's getting worse while running, rather than better (as you warm up), i'd consider seeing someone or at least stop doing the running for a few weeks (switch to swimming or cycling?).
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aspirin works wonders for minor sciatic pain
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if you're looking for a stretch, the one i was recommended for tight calves is to stand with toes on a step and (gently!) let the heels drop lower.
Don't forget to stretch your Achilles' tendon by doing the same exercise, but very gently bending your ankle so you feel a slight twinge in your tendon. I pulled mine once during Cross Country season and it SUCKS.
Doing the oposite of what you said is also good for building up calves- while flat footed, slowly stand up on your toes. Add weights as necessary.
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Massage might be really helpful, too. I have chronic tightness in a few spots and massage really takes the edge off.
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