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Digital Asset Management. I'm looking for a web based solution that archives and stores files, but I don't need full on project management.

I've looked around and it seems like most options go to project management. I'm not opposed to using one of those systems, just might be overkill. I like the way Basecamp looks, but I need a system with different levels of access. For example, if I put up a file for a printer, I don't want clients to go get it. I don't want my clients to be able to talk to my printers.

Basically this is for marketing, people in different physical office locations, no shared intranet as some are at different companies.

I'd like to be able to upload files and give my clients, creative teams and suppliers different access levels.

I'd like my clients to be able to access and download, via the web, completed artwork and look at archived artwork for up to roughly 6 months.

I'd like to be able to have the creative teams and printers, suppliers, etc, work with files via the web interface, rather than through a combination of ftp and email.

Needs to be mac and pc friendly. No software can be downloaded, as many clients have IT administrators that are naturally edgy about having to load software onto their networks. And cheap - think Basecamp pricing.

Thanks for any suggestions. If you're on Basecamp, would it be a solution? I like the interface and I think the clients would find it easy to work with.
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I haven't used this, but I came across KnowledgeTree a while back. Looks like it does what you want.
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Response by poster: It does, but it requires software to be downloaded and installed. Whatever I use has to be browser based, no applications to install. But otherwise it looks good.
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It might be overkill, but Central Desktop might be good - there's also Ace Projects. Both are kind of clunky, but they have their virtues. Not exactly an extranet (which is what you need, in part) but might be useful.

(not affiliated with either of them - just tried them out for various clients).
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I don't think it requires you to download and install anything. That part is optional. In fact, the free version doesn't even seem to support that.
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Basecamp allows you to create different user roles and define permissions so the access issues shouldn't be a problem. They also have a 30-day free trial, so there's no harm in trying it out and seeing if it works for you.
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