Which musicians and bands care about ALS?
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I'm producing a benefit concert, to fight ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Do you know any bands or labels that might be interested in the cause? Maybe with a loved one with ALS? We're assembling a 1600-people show in Omaha, Nebraska.
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You may or may not be aware of this, but Saddle Creek Records is based in Omaha. They represent several reasonably well-known (and super hip) performers, including Bright Eyes and Cursive. Might be worth giving them a call.
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Check out Sonic Joyride.

Their singer died of ALS, but they apparently are still together.
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A little more here:
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The Apples in Stereo are cool people (I don't know any current members personally, but I know people who do at my college radio station). They're based in Denver (about a day's drive, right?). I bet if you asked them, they'd consider it. What's the venue?

I heartily second the Saddle Creek suggestion.
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Certain Saddle Creek acts are definitely on the shortlist. In fact, Tilly and the Wall (actually on sister label Team Love) headlined our last show. The Sonic Joyride suggestion is fantastic! Keep 'em coming ...
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Look into Lowen and Navarro. Eric Lowen was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago and still performs on stage. The two have written a number of hits over the years as a song writing duo (notably, "We Belong" Pat Benatar). They currently tour as a singer/songwriter-folk act and have a good size crow of loyal fans. Their combination of well known songs with their current work is a great show and would be well received by just about any crowd.

Good luck with your fund raiser.
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grr... crowd of loyal fans, that is.
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I know that this family has put on an ALS benefit concert.
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Not exactly an answer, but the local Congressman, Rep. Lee Terry, is the lead Republican co-sponsor of the ALS Registry Act.
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A little more here:

(Not musicians, but other performers who have done ALS benefits).


Jason Becker is a musician with ALS.

Good luck.
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