He has that certain je nais c'est quoi, no?
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Do you know your French actors? Well then tell me, who is this man?

I can't believe I didn't think to ask this here before! So last year when I was in Egypt there were a few days where I found myself traveling in the company of a somewhat high maintenance couple who included this man, allegedly a big "French film star."

Okay, so gimme the dirt please. Who is he? I don't doubt he's an actor (after 18 years in LA, I can spot 'em), but what's he been in? What kind of a performer is he? I've been horribly curious. :)
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I know it's not the best shot but it's all I bothered to take. I tried to blow up his face. Does that help?
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I don't know who he is but I love your question (and tag). Vincent Cassel he is not.
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It looks like Daniel Auteuil to me.

Close up
Full length (guy on the left)
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Augh sorry. In my excitement to post the pictures, I ignored your other questions. I know him mainly for his comedic films, like The Closet.

He's about to be fired from his job, but a rumor starts that he is gay and suddenly his life starts to turn around because of the rumor. It's a really great movie.

And he's always in movies that I mean to see whenever I see them playing at my local indie theatre. :) But apparently, I am only pretentious enough to spell things like "theatre" instead of spending some time appreciating french cinema.
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Hmmm. Good call. Yeah, there are definitely some similarities... my instincts are telling me that's not him so i don't know, though. He seems shorter & stockier than my guy (unless he was thinner in 2006 than in the photos I'm finding). Also, his nose seems bigger. (But then again, I could tell my French film star was no stranger to plastic surgery.) My instincts are saying it's not a match though.

Looks like this is gonna be harder than I thought. :(
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Oh, and this guy was definitely not gay. He had a scantily clad woman traveling with him. Which is always appropriate in a Muslim country.
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I just saw two Daniel Auteil movies, and that's who I was really hoping it would be when I clicked on the photo! But yes, his nose does seem bigger than your mystery man.
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Oh, I was reading your comment too fast by the way. You were talking about him being gay in the movie. durh. I looked at some youtube clips and I'm still thinking it's not him but there were a few that looked similar. I dunno. Still thinking it isn't him. :(
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A couple of possibilities: Gérard Lanvin (who's married to the uni-titled actress Jennifer) and Jacques Dutronc, married to singer Françoise Hardy.
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Although he's neither French nor (technically) an actor, and doesn't dress anything like your your guy, that picture looks an awful lot like Anthony Bourdain.
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Man, I really really really leaning towards thinking it was Jacques Dutronc. What's convincing me is the way his face -- especially his teeth and mouth -- look in this old video compared to the blown up photo. Seems to me he's had some work done, so the other more recent images didn't look quite right. And also, in a lot of the videos of him being interviewed he's quite animated and he was very subdued when I met him so his expressions were different. Also, his companion did look a lot like the younger version of his wife, but didn't have white hair. Not that the French don't dye their hair. Or have affairs with people who look like younger versions of their wives. But hey, that ain't my business. I just wanted to know his name.

I really am thinking that's probably him. Yay! Thanks!!!
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I wish it had been Anthony Bourdain!!!! That would've been a blast! He would've been hella more fun.
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Sorry my comment above was so rambled. I was just kind of in shock and happy that the one video really did look like him! I had started thinking I'd stumped the Hive Mind!

I do remember that his demanding little ass-baring companion wasn't in show business though. Not that it was him and that he has a mistress or something. Of course I would never imply that. No jumping to conclusions, people!
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The picture you've got looks like he has a round rather than square chin. Also, no dimple which eliminates Auteuil and Lanvin.

I'm pretty sure Bourdain is never going to dye his hair. And his chain smoking and voice are distinctive.
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Well, if I look at more photos I can convince myself it isn't him, BrotherCaine. But I'd rather just say, "Okay, it might've been this guy" and stop torturing myself with curiosity. ;)
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That's not Jacques Dutronc - it's Bernard Giraudeau. Great actor, and yes, massive in France. François Ozon's Gouttes d'Eau sur Pierres Brûlantes is the one I'd rent if you haven't seen enough of him cavorting in his underpants.
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RIGHT ON!!!! Oh my God, that's so him!* I can tell because THIS is so clearly his "I'm macho & squinting in the sun" face! And his wife looks like the woman he was with.

AskMe rocks it again!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

*I would like to hereby apologize to Jacques Dutronc for implying the slightest possibility that he had a mistress. I hope he forgives me.
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Actually, it may even have been his daughter he was with. I was never sure of their relationship. Hard to identify his companion because they always show old/retouched photos of actresses online.
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