Cheapest way to send laptop abroad?
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How much will it cost to ship a laptop to Costa Rica?

A friend of mine living in Costa Rica recently broke her laptop. It seems that there is about $1,000 difference between buying another one there and buying it in the States. I'm trying to estimate the cost of mailing a new Apple laptop to San Jose, Costa Rica. The estimated value of the laptop is $2400. I have been told the cost of shipping alone ranges from $80 to $200, depending on the delivery schedule and services (insurance, certification, etc.). I am unable, however, to estimate out the taxes and duties upon arrival in Costa Rica. I have asked USPS and FedEx, who directed to me to unhelpful websites ( e.g. US Customs site, Fed Ex site) and then suggested I find someone in Costa Rica to find out for me. Sigh. Any ideas?
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Everything that you send that is over $20 will be stuck at the Aduana until the recipient (or an agency) goes trough the "Imports" process. I've done that myself a few times: it is painful, confusing and time consuming. For a laptop it may be a good idea to ask your shipping company if they can take care of this. I don't know the exact iimport tax for a laptop, but in my experience with electronic equipment I've end up paying about 30% of the value in this process.
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It may be cheaper to fly it there yourself, as a carry on.
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A laptop would be duty free (HS 8471.30.0000) but the tax rate is 13%. I'm almost sure that with a value of $2,400 it will require formal Customs entry processing which will result in additional cost above the transportation. There may be additional Customs processing related cost even if you use one of the express carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL) that include basic Customs processing in their prices.
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