A Daft Plan for Montreal alone?
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I have two tickets to Daft Punk in Montreal next Tuesday; I'm going, but I can't find anyone who wants to go with me. What do I do?

I bought two tickets to the Daft Punk/The Rapture/Kavinsky/SebastiAn show on August 7th at the Belle Centre in Montreal, thinking that I would be able to find someone who wanted free tickets to a cool concert with me. No such luck, though - everyone I've asked is either busy or really doesn't like Daft Punk.

My dad says that I should consider just not going and trying to catch them another time, because it would be kinda sad to drive up to Montreal to see a concert alone. But I really want to go - I'd be more sad if I didn't go at all.

What should I do with the other ticket? It's for a seat, so if I sold it, that person would be sitting alone next to me (seems awkward).

And is there anything fun for a not-very-outgoing, not-used-to-cities guy to do after the show? (With four groups starting at 7:30, should I even try for anything after?)
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Put an ad on craigslist and take the chance that you might meet someone who you forge a concert-going relationship with. Or, sell it and don't be worried about the person sitting next to you because umm - you're seeing Daft Punk ;)
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Looking at Craigslist, there seems to be a lot of people selling and asking for tickets. Offer a ticket up for face value and meet them at a pub beforehand. The cheaper you offer, the more selection you'll have to find someone fun to stand next to.
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If I was closer to Montreal I would be there in a heartbeat. Definitely go, even if it means going alone. That is going to be a great show.
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also yeti's suggestion for the other ticket sounds like a pretty good one.
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I love Daft Punk and I'm a Montrealer.
email me!
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Just ask a cute girl at a coffee shop.

So easy. Everyone likes Daft Punk.
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I see what you did there.
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Definitely go! I have been to shows alone before - it really doesn't suck.
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You can try selling it on http://www.stillepost.ca/
Either the Classifieds or the Montreal board should be fine.

There's nothing too exciting in the immediate vicinity of the Bell Centre. If you're there early, you're in walking distance to Old Montreal - or take the metro to Square-Victoria or Champ-de-Mars. I particularly like walking from Square-Victoria southward on rue McGill to Silo no. 5 aka the Silophone. There's a parklike area to sit in and explore around the ruins of this old building. Or you can walk eastward from there to the old port and the tourist trappings of that.

Afterward, well, even though it's a Tuesday, the show will probably start relatively early, and Montreal bars are open until 3:00am, so I'm sure you'd have time to check those out or even just walk the streets for local colour. Ste-Catherine just north of the Bell Centre (heading eastward) would be an alright place to start, if you don't feel like getting your car out.

You might also be interested in the official afterparty at the S.A.T. - just above René-Levesque at 1195 St-Laurent.
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um... just go! frankly, going to gigs alone is often more fun/a lot less hassle. especially when i really like a band.
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Either the CL option mentioned is always an option. PS: Don't sell for more than face value. That's skeezy.

I've given away tickets before because friends backed out on them. I make sure to give it to someone who's not going to be reselling it.

If all else fails, just go. Seriously. Skipping out on Daft Goddam Punk would be the worst possible course of action here.
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Oh, and let me add a voice to the, "Going alone doesn't suck!" crowd. I've been to loads of shows alone. It's only unfun if you convince yourself beforehand that going alone is going to suck.

If anything, you can cut loose a little more because, hey, who's going to see you hopping around like a huge dork? Just a bunch of strangers...
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"my dad says..." ?? what the?? what would your pops know about seeing daft punk? post an ad on craiglist looking for a canadian cute girl to join you for free, on the condition that she where a form fitting astronaut costume. so it will be easy to find her outside the venue, of course.
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gawd my typos are terribles.
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Yeah, because no one's dad has ever been to a concert, ever. Concerts were invented last week and if you're over 20, you might as well be dead.
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I was going to suggest asking in metatalk to see if any mefites would like to go, but you should just email PowerCat instead.

Have fun!
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Chiming in to say I just went to their show in Berkeley last Friday, and it was Amazing! Not to be missed... Also, the seating was general admission and the crowd was super friendly. I don't think I would have felt awkward there alone at all because, since it was general admission, everyone was roaming around. (If things don't work out with PowerCat that is). Have fun!
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Your Dad sounds like a bummer trip! You will have no problem finding someone to go.
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hey im old enough to be a dad myslef, but c'mon, its daft punk not credence we're talkin about here..
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I'm in Quebec City and I love Daft Punk, so if PowerCat doesn't work out, please take me! My email's in my profile.
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I've usually had a better time at concerts when I went on my own. Definitely go.
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So...what ended up happening? I'm curious. (Stumbled across this looking through the daftPunk tag). :)
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