Virtual Memory problem
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I need help with Virtual Memory Problems (actual question inside....)

I recently (a week ago yesterday) had to have my hard drive replaced and thus also reinstall the operating system (windows 98 - hey, I didn't pay for it, I don't get to choose the OS). Since then, performance has been degrading to the point where today I can't open Mozilla and my mail app at the same time. I tried to increase the available virtual memory, but the machine keeps defaulting back to "Let Windows manage my virtual memory settings." no matter what I do.
Steps: right-click on My computer --> Properties --> Performance Tab --> Virtual Memory --> change default to "Let me specify my own virtual memory settings" --> OK --> Are you sure you want to continue? Yes --> window closes, but no changes are made.

One kind of oddball thing I noticed is that in the Virtual Memory window I'm told that I have "C:\-29315MB Free" on the Hard disk, and when I try to change the Maximum virtual memory it will only two settings: 36221 or -29315MB.

I have 128.0 MB Ram and a 40 gig Hard drive, of which I am using about five gigs right now. suggestions?
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where do you live? round here you can fund terrorism (and move to a more modern os) on any street corner...

alternatively, have you checked windows updates and applied all necessary patches?
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andrew, this PC was free, built for my by my boyfriend's brother, who is a professional big-time sys-admin. In my current unemployed state I can't afford much more than free.
Yes, I'm 99.99% sure he did indeed download all windows updates and patches when he installed the OS.
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Run scandisk and/or Norton Disk Doctor. The free disk space count in the volume metadata is wrong, and that will correct it.
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This also might be a disc partition error.

A re-install of the OS might be the best option at this point.
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