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Where to go for one year anniversary.

My husband and I are debating where to go for our 1 year anniversary. We live in Columbus, Ohio and the trip would be from Sept. 13th - Sept. 16th. Our budget is around $1,000 but would like to spend less if possible. Any ideas as to fun places to go where the majority of the time will not be getting there, coming home? We like to relax but also have places to go see, like museums, aquariums, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know of any specifically, but there has to be some nice Bed and Breakfasts in the mountains of West Virginia and Pennsylvania that wouldn't be too far. I recommend going for the one with the four poster bed and the two person whirlpool tub.
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Gosh, i live in Columbus, and think Washington DC and the surrounding area is just wonderful - and a very short, very cheap southwest flight from here!

obviously, more musuems etc than probably anywhere, a great zoo, wonderful dining, tons of great places to take romantic walks - AND - the great thing is you can even take one morning and drive out to a maryland beach in a couple of hours and relax on the sand, if you choose! Or, say, do a couple of nights in DC, and the last at a coastal b+b...that would be great! And Baltimore is just 1 hour north - southwest flies in and out of there, it's a neat place too
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You could drive six hours to Chicago.
Or ten hours to New York City.
Or 90 minutes to Cleveland.

Plenty of options in those places, but are they too far? You could rent a cabin in Hocking Hills if those are too far.
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Fly to Tampa/St. Pete. Rent a car. Drive down to Anna Maria Island, a nice, relatively uncrowded beach community. Spend some time in St. Pete at the Dali Museum. You could also drive up the coast to Tarpon Springs, a Greek spongeing and fishing town, and you know there is nothing more romantic for your aniversary than spongeing Greeks!
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We need more info on what you like to do! Do you want to be outside? Drive? Relax? Fly? You could go to Chicago, or Cleveland, or Cincinnati, or Detroit. You could stay in nice hotels, or camp, or something in between. See baseball games, or have an awesome dinner, or spend the day at the spa. More info!!
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Also - my home town of Niagara Falls is nice! You can drive there in 5.5 hours, stay on the canadian side, enjoy things there, LOTS to see and do (send me an email if you want to know way more!) and then maybe one night you could take the $22 (roundtrip) train 1.5 hours up to Toronto, stay a night there, then train it on back to Niagara Falls and drive home....

the train is very romantic!
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