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Can anyone recommend a recruitment or temp agency that specialises in placing 'creative' types in Adelaide or Melbourne, Australia? I currently work in Admin and wouldn't mind doing the same job elsewhere, if only it was with people who were more cosmopolitan and less conservative than my current job. I was thinking something in the publishing or entertainment industries but anything associated with this general area is also OK. Ideally I'd be hoping to use my 'in' in the industry to help me further my own agenda: writing, with a specialisation in writing about music and counterculture.
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aquent australia? they place creative professionals, but sometimes may place admins at creative agencies. i worked for them years ago in the US. one caveat is that they may only be interested in designers/art directors/copywriters, etc. since that is their core business.
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Cool, thanks!
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Go to the jobs or careers section of or, there are a lot of recruitment firms there that specialise in postions for everything from admin to designers and writers etc in the creative industries. Good luck.
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