Does (paper) wallpaper go bad?
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Does unused wallpaper expire?

Mr. Nadise and I bought some wallpaper for a bathroom about six years ago, and we haven't quite gotten around to installing it yet -- yes, we're Master Procrastinators.

Assuming the wallpaper's not dreadfully out of style by now... is it still fine to use, or do we have to suck it up and toss it out after all this time? Anything special we should look for to determine whether or not it's ok? Does it matter if the original cellophane packaging has been on or off all along?
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No, my parents replaced a section I had ripped off the wall in my room several years after the fact.
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Wallpaper does not "expire"... In fact, "vintage" (i.e. OLD) wallpaper is a popular design choice... Go ahead and use it (making sure to follow the proper wall-papering procedures) and enjoy!
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I have a roll of 17-year-old wallpaper left over from my childhood home that I plan to hang pretty soon (HA HA HA). It's fine.
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It's probably fine. Unroll the paper on a flat surface and notice if it seems crinkly or cracked. If it looks fine then it is fine. Wall paper that goes out of style eventually comes back in style, especially if it looks kind of trippy. Happy papering.
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"Does paper expire? "

(well, unless moisture and/or organisms got to it.)
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The most important thing in a wallpapering job is to make sure the wall surface and the paper surface are as clean and free of defect as possible. This prevents bubbling and peeling later.

Just unroll a bit, and check the backside texture. If it feels crumbly and nubbly, then condensation and insects have been devouring the glue side. You can still use this paper, but you'll have to sand it with a very fine grit sandpaper, and apply it with wallpaste to make sure it adheres evenly.

(I'm not a paper hanger, but my uncle is.)
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Thanks for the advice, all! I'll paper with reckless abandon (according to the instructions, of course).
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