Introductions to technological development
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Is anybody familiar with one or more good textbooks (or introductory volumes) on technology development and/or deployment?

Specifically, I am looking for books that discuss deployment, barriers to access, and technology transfer in the context of sustainable technologies. For example, the deployment of renewable power technology or emissions reduction technology in the developing world.

I am not looking for something that is hugely technical, bur rather something that lays out the technological issues in a manner that would be useful for developing long term policy.
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You probably don't think you are looking for this, but this is where I think you should start anyway: Human-built World

You may want to look over MIT's coursefiles -- they have all their lectures online now. Look for courses taught by Amy Smith, and maybe something related out of the B-School.
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Her Dissemination course looks appropriate, and has a textbook associated with it.
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