Software to make my digital brain platform portable?
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Anyone know of any cross-platform information organizer software?

I work on both a Windows XP machine and a Macbook running osX both by choice and necessity. I really like Yojimbo and DevonThink but they're both mac only. I'd really like something that has a version for both platforms allowing me to at least sync things up in both places (if not share a common data source).

Yes, it needs to be local software. No I don't want to use a wiki for this. :)

I know someone here knows if it exists...there's plenty of chatter about this sort of thing:

Are there any cheap DEVONthink alternatives?
Code Snippets Management Software
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I know that you said you don't want a Wiki, but TiddlyWiki seems to fit the bill here aside from that. It's completely platform agnostic (so long as your platform has a web browser with JavaScript) and you can stick it in your pocket (assuming you have a thumbdrive).

On further reading of Yojimbo and DevonThink, I realize that TiddlyWiki is rather feature-poor for your liking, but I suppose you could always try local file:/// links if you wanted to store local media as well...
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Hey, thanks for the response. I've looked at using a wiki (even TiddlyWiki) for this as I use them frequently on projects. I have a workable system in place, but it requires about the same amount of redundant labor and manual *doing* that using a wiki would.

I'm just hoping to find something of the caliber of DevonThink or Yojimbo that exists in both the Windows and Mac worlds. I'd really like to minimize the amount of active thought and labor required to capture all my stuff. :)
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Another suggestion for a wiki here, but with a twist: install vim ( and use a wiki script ( Upside, this runs on pretty much every platform out there. It stores data in plain text files syncing would be very easy (any source code management system would do, cvs, darcs, you name it).
Downside is that it stores data in plain text files. No images or media files.

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Exactly. That's the rub. I'm liking the ability to just capture anything...images, docs, etc. super-easily. Capturing into txt is no sweat. I've just been seduced by the slickness of the mac software I'm talking about.
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