Operating Playback on Digital Video Camera.
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How do you get playback to work on a JVC Mini Digital Video Camera?

I borrowed a friends camera to film a project this evening. He did not leave me operating manual and I am unable to roust him by phone. I need to see what I've filmed before I show it to writer/client tomorrow AM.

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Does it not have an LCD screen? Or are you looking to view it on a TV/ PC monitor?

If you have a firewire cable that can be plugged into the camera, it's likely that your computer will automatically detect it. If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie, (I'm not sure what the Windows equivalent would be.)

If you want to view it on a TV, depending on the camera, you may need a special cable that has a 1/4th inch headphone type connector on one side and RCA connectors on the other.

Can you be more specific about how you are trying to view this? Also, what camera is it specifically?

[on almost-post] It suddenly occurs to me that you might just be asking how to playback using the camera controls. Is there a little icon on the camera that looks like a projector? That's a pretty common icon to put a camera into 'Play' mode.
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I suspect quin may have answered it for you when he said to change the camera's mode to playback. if that doesn't work, i checked the JVC support website, and it looks like they do put their manuals online. If you can find the camera's model number you may be able to find your answer.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the feedback , Quin. It does have a LCD screen and I just the playback to work.

It is a private yoga session that I plan on transferring to a DVD.. She can then watch it on TV.

I am not sure of the specifics of the camera. I know it is JVC Mini DV.
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On most cameras, the power switch either doubles as a mode switch, or somewhere near the power switch there will be a separate mode switch.

Usually it has two settings, "Camera" and some sort of 'playback mode,' which might be called VCR, Play, VTR, or something else entirely. Or it might have a TV icon instead of a camera one.

Anyway, once you get it switched into that mode, the display ought to change. (On most, it will show a blue screen.) Then find the standard VCR-type control buttons (they may be on-screen controls....you'll have to consult the manual there), rewind the tape some, and hit play.
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I have a JVC digital camera. Not knowing if you have the same model or not but on my camera, this is what you do. On the right hand side of the camera, on the switch that turns the camera on, I depress the little red button with my thumb and move the switch counter-clockwise or backwards for playback mode. This is the opposite direction from turning it on.
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