United Airlines Hiring Office Location in Chicago?
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What is the address for United Airlines hiring offices in Chicago for employment interviews?

It's a long shot, but I have an interview tomorrow morning with United. I received the e-mail with the address on my BlackBerry e-mail a couple weeks ago, but when going to retrieve it tonight prepping for my interview, I can't find the information. The only published number I can find is to reservations, which is overseas and can't help me. Does ANYONE have a lead on this? Even an office I can call first thing in the morning (my interview is at 9:30am) and explain my situation to? I'd be eternally indebted.
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Well, the UAL headquarters is located at 1200 E. Algonquin Rd., Elk Grove Township. A Yellow Pages lookup finds these numbers: (847) 700-7372 and (847) 700-4000. It might not hurt to try calling those numbers now to see what they get you, so you know which one is better to call in the morning.
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Hoovers says that United Air Corporate Headquarters is located at:
77 W. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-997-8000
If they're interviewing you in Chicago, I don't see why they wouldn't be doing so at the main HQ.
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In regards to cerebus, Wikipedia (grain of salt) says that in March of this year, the top 350 executives moved to 77 W. Wacker, while the Elk Grove office became an "operations center". So the questions to be asked are: does the chief hiring manager count as a top 350 / are you being interviewed by the chief hiring manager?
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I will call to double check in the morning, but I am almost positive that it's the Wacker address now that I see it. Thank you all so so so so much! This job interview is really important to me, and I spent so long perfecting my resume and picking out a suit and getting the haircut and practicing my handshake that I forgot the most important part: getting there.

Seriously, if all of you who answered e-mail me (my username @gmail) I'll happily send you cookies. :D
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This is 77 W. Wacker, now technically known as "The United Building". We'll see if it catches on, or if taxis keep dropping people off at the United Center instead.

You may have seen it in "The Negotiator." United moved here after looking for downtown locations in San Francisco and elsewhere; Chicago threw down the red carpet to keep them.

OK, I admit it, I'm just here for the cookies.
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