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Can you recommend a drug rehab in southern California for a dear friend?

I've never been in the situation of choosing a rehab clinic before. A friend is out of control with cocaine, basically snorting it all night long every night, and sleeping all day. He works evenings and has somehow managed to hold on to his job so far, but we (friends and family) fear that he's on the verge of losing it and everything else he has. If you have any direct or indirect experiences with any specific clinics/facilities/treatment centers, I'd like to hear them.

Also, just general advice on what to look for when selecting a place would be helpful.
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Response by poster: Oh, I also meant to add that you can email me if you'd rather not post publicly about your experiences. My email address in my profile.
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Might want to check out this thread.
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NA in Hollywood/ Echo Park/ Silverlake etc are big groups according to a friend of mine (for obvious reasons) so I would contact their counselors first and ask for recommendations.

Promises doesn't seem to have worked too well for Lindsay Lohan.
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Well first of all the person (your friend) has to be ready, it is noble and wonderful of you to worry about your friend and want to help, but until your friend is ready nothing in this world is going to help.
The first place to go is into detox to get a clean system and my observation of rehabs is that they have too many relapses, and they are mixing money with treatment which is hard to seperate. AA is a wonderful alternative and NA is a great place for you to get to know this disease better and your role in it. Good luck
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