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Why wouldn't an attached file download?

I have a Final draft document I'm trying to download from my email. I was able to download it yesterday at work, but, today, on my laptop, it won't download. I tried it on Firefox via gmail. then Safari, then I forwarded it to Yahoo mail, but it won't download on any of these. Why would this be happening? Is there a fix?
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What kind of file? How does it fail (do you get an error message? Does nothing happen?)?
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Also: Is it a gmail email? Mac or PC?
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Not really enough info to help. I've had attachment downloads fail silently when the file contained a character not allowed in the receiving OS.
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It was gmail and Yahoo Mail on a Mac. And both Firefox and Safari browsers. There's no error message, it just gets HUNG UP, and never downloads.
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Very strange, but TPAA is correct -- file downloads can very occasionally include strings of characters that get interpreted as terminators by the underlying TCP/IP drivers. Sometimes the solution is to ZIP it up first or use a different encoder.
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"Character not allowed"? That's absurd.

I seriously doubt that it's confusion of two networking layers. Subby, are you sure you have enough disc space? Though it's unlikely, perhaps you need to dump your browser cache. Or, your browser is launching some app to handle the kind of file it is. Or, even rarer, some antivirus wonkiness.

Opening a terminal and watching the output of "$sudo tcpdump" would be immensely useful
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What's the actual name of the file. Is it strictly an alpha numeric?
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