Segway + scooter = ???
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What was this thing I saw on the road the other day? It looked like a scooter except it had two smaller wheels in front, Segway-style. And what would be the advantage of that design?
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Best answer: The new Piaggio 3 wheeled MP3
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My wife is looking at scooters and I saw Gungho's link the other day. It looks awesome but I'm not sure of the advantage. Possibly stability but I don't see how it could be any better than the standard 1-in-front 2-in-back 3-wheel scooters.
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The Piaggio's suspension is much better than a standard trike. The wheels tilt into the turn, making the bike much more stable. Traditional trikes (and some quads) do no such thing. So one has to ride them much differently than they would a 2 wheeler. The Piaggio can be ridden almost like a two wheeler.
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I haven't heard that, Afroblanco. It seems to be that in a common accident-avoiding maneuver, braking while turning, a two-wheeler might be more likely to highside that a "tadpole" trike.
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edit - "it seems to *me*"
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