Converting ProE files to Solidworks Parts files
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How can I convert ProE files into Solidworks files?
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Need a little bit more information (versions, file info, prt, asm, drw, etc.), but I think Solidworks can read Pro/e files natively, so you should be good in that direction. Solidworks to Pro/e is a little bit trickier.

Have you tried yet to just open a Pro/e file with solidworks? If it opens fine, then you should be able to just save it as a solidworks file.

An alternative, if you have access to the original files, is to save them as an intermediary such as IGES or STEP from pro/e, then open them in solidworks. You may have to tweak pro/e's export settings to get the files out the way you need them, but it should work ok. The feature information is usually destroyed in this manner, though, so you basically get a solid block, not a parametric representation using this method.
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