Annoying Linux n00b can has cool new operating system?
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I just set up Lenovo R60e to dual boot Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and XP Pro. I want to integrate a Feisty server at work. What is the best server hardware to buy?

Also: I need to study. What should I be reading?
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In my opinion the hardware depends more on the function of the server, less on the OS the server runs.
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I don't want to have to chase down a tonne of drivers; is there certain chipsets, etc, that Feisty will pick up easily.
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For a server, I'd actually recommend using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) as it is supported until 2011. Fiesty is more of an interim release that is only going to be supported until 2008.
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I doubt that you'd have any serious driver problems with most generic PC hardware for use as a server. The driver problems that most often show up with Linux are things like power (hibernate), 3d video, sound, wireless cards, none of which you usually need for a server.
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Echoing octothorpe. I've had much more luck with core component drivers (hard drives, ethernet card, CD rom, USB drives) installing correctly with Ubuntu than XP. It's the peripherals (TV-out, hell video card period, sound) that usually cause issues with linux.
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Dell's linux page has a server section. This hardware is supported by open source drivers. I certainly wouldnt chance this with a random purchase. I'd at the very least be worried about RAID support.
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