Where to hos the rehearsal dinner?
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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner recommendations in Petaluma, CA. Read some..

We're looking to have about roughly 40 people at our rehearsal dinner, it's not anything formal but we have a lot of family coming in to town and we'd like to spend more time with them than just the wedding and reception.

Most of the family is staying in Petaluma, so we're looking around there but are not opposed to Sonoma (wedding site), Rohnert Park or Novato.

Remaining qualification, they need to have some sort of decent vegetarian option, ie, not a garden burger.

Seating all together not required, as long as they are in the general vicinity.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated, future Mrs. Bot and I have not lived in Petaluma for about 4 years now and are out of touch with what all has been happening in that area.
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My friend has his wedding at the Rooster Run golf course out by the airport on E. Washington. We had a company dinner at Graziano's on Petaluma Blvd N. They have a large private room in the back. I can't really speak to the vegetarian options in either place. There's also always various hotels with restaurants. The Sheraton at the Petaluma marina might be an option.
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I don't know Petaluma as well as Novato, but Fernando's Restaurant in Novato probably has a good rehearsal-dinner atmosphere, plus food that's really good. They say it's "Mexican" food, but I remember prawns in delicious garlic butter sauce -- it has options that go far beyond burritos, beans and rice. I'd call to ask about vegetarian options, but I was still half-vegetarian at the time, so I'm pretty sure you'll find something.
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Try Finbar Devine's in downtown Petaluma. Irish pub, excellent food, marvelous atmosphere and you should be able to fit all 40 in their upstairs banquet room comfortably. Our daughter had her wedding dinner there and we had a fabulous time.
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Thank you all for the suggestions, I had totally forgotten about Finbar and I'll look in to all of them. The only things we could come up with were Thai Issan and McNears.

Thanks again!
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