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Where can I find video webcasts online similar to this UC Berkeley archive?

I've been enjoying the UC Berkeley video webcasts immensely but am looking for more lectures in the humanities and, especially, graduate courses in history and English literature. The only other site I know of is MIT's Open Courseware but I'm not really looking for notes, syllabi, or reading recommedations (which is all I can ever find there). I'm just looking for video lectures, including panel discussions. Any links would be greatly appreciated.
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Listening to Words is a website which tries to act as a portal to lectures all over the net.
Front Row from Boston University features all of their guest lecturers.
Also helpful, as previously recommended on AskMeFi, is the full archive of C-SPAN 2's BookTV, which will give you a good idea of the ideas currently being discussed in significant new books.
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That's a fine question and I now see why you've found little. How about..
-Carnegie Library - these are links and of course it all depends on what specifically you are looking for. I've enjoyed a few of the Library of Congress webcasts but, as with a lot of sites, I think it's more about speeches rather than lectures, per se, if that matters.
-researchchannel (might be worthwhile playing around with search terms).
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MIT's OC does have video and audio lectures. Check it out.
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iTunes now offers an iTunes U (on the left bar in the iTunes store). Often, a course you select will have a video version - above the track listing, there'll be tabs with "Audio" and "Video". Not a huge amount at the moment, but maybe worth keeping an eye on.

I downloaded 4 gigs of iTunes U last night...I gotta whole lotsa learnin' to do...
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