Budget, "European" hotels in LA (and elsewhere)
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Really like the discount "European" hotels with tiny rooms and the shared bath, like 500 West in San Diego and the Belnord in NYC. Where’s the similar cheap place in LA? And since I can’t imagine there’s many, lets open up the question to all metro-American tourist capitals.

Please don’t clutter up this thread with recommendations for just any budget hotels, I’m looking specifically for those with no bath –- they may have sinks in the rooms (true Euro-style) but the toilets and bathrooms are down the hall, making the room-rates less than $80, more like $60 for a single. Tolerable amounts of seediness okay, as long as it's quiet; and convenience to public transport is essential (except in LA).

There used to be one I knew about in San Francisco, but I’ve lost the details, never stayed there (but as I recall its cheapest were inside rooms).
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It sounds like you are describing a hostel. Here is a listing I got when I googled "los angeles hostels," though I haven't stayed in or heard anything about any of these.
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There's a hostel in Venice Beach, I've lived in Los Angeles for the better part of my life, so I've never had the occasion to stay there, but I've had lots of friends do so, and it is supposedly totally awesome.
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It sounds like you are describing a hostel.

These sorts of hotels are different from hostels because all the rooms are standard hotel rooms, not backpacker dorm rooms and the hotels don't cater to backpackers. The Ace Hotel is the place I am familiar with in Seattle, rooms with shared baths across the hall $75-90 . They have a place in Portland too that I don't know anything about but doesn't seem to be the same model.
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I immediately thought of the Copley Square Hotel in Boston. Many rooms have shared baths though not all.
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No, not the hostel (shudder) -- instead, single-room occupency hotels, but not those located on skid row.
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Seattle: The College Inn - have stayed there, loved it.
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And I agree about hostels...my experience with them in the States has been...ugh.
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Carlton Arms NYC
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The Moore Hotel in Seattle - stayed there twice. Less than $2 from the airport on a local bus and it drops you off 2 blocks away. The hotel is 3 blocks from Pike Place Market. Single rate was under $100 WITH a bathroom, so I'm guessing it was more like $75 or so for bathrooms / showers down the hall.

Stayed in another similar hotel in San Francisco and bonus! They allowed me to bring my dog. Can't remember the name but I think it was in Noe Valley (not sure if that's the exact name of the region but it was similar to Noe Valley). Rate was around $80 with bathrooms down the hall.
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Seconding the College Inn in Seattle.
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