Sex is making me bleed.
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Sex is making me bleed. I am seeing a doctor this week.

I'm a woman in my early 40's with a new male partner. Physically we fit together very well, and I have no health problems to my knowledge. I haven't hit menopause and I have a doctor's appointment this week.

Every time we have vaginal sex I bleed bright red, equivalent in amount and color to the first day of my period, lasting only for an hour or so after sex. I'm in no pain, and sex is not painful, but I've never experienced this before and we're both obviously very concerned.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know you're not a doctor, not my doctor, and not diagnosing me. What I'm looking for is anecdotal experiences that will keep my anxiety under control until I see my doctor.

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IANAD, but I have experienced what you have. In my case, I have small, non-cancerous growths (polyps) on my cervix. They're nothing to worry about, unless they start growing (and then they may cause pain). It's pretty common, apparently. They will often disappear on their own.

I did notice this with a new partner- I think we went a bit overboard in terms of frequency/enthusiasm and, according to my doc- that's what caused the bleeding.

Good luck.
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Probably cervical polyps. They are usually not cancerous and are nothing to worry about. They often sit right on top of the cervix and the penis can brush against them during intercourse. They are filled with many, many blood vessels, all close to the surface, and this is what causes the bleeding. If it is small, and depending on your doctor, he/she may not decide to remove it. If, however, it is causing problems like pain or severe bleeding, the removal procedure is very short, fairly painless and can be done in-house.
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I have this problem to, and mine is not the result of cervical polyps, I am polyp free in the cervical area. My problem is related to *size*. Up to ten days prior to menstruation, enthusiastic coupling can produce bleeding. Could it be that your new fellow is exceptionally endowed?
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