Where should I take photographs in Atlanta?
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Where should I take photographs in Atlanta?

I visited Oakland Cemetary last weekend, so I’m kinda hesitant to just go there again. I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens before, but I’m shooting B&W film this time. I prefer some place that’s free admission, where I can just wander around and take pictures. Any suggestions?
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The architecture around Peachtree and Washington is difficult to ignore, especially in the summer. Lots of grand old houses, lanes and historic buildings. Even some of the street signage is interesting.

That's free and seems to fit what you're looking for, and in my mind's eye, it should be shot in black and white anyway.
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There are a lot of old bombed-out looking buildings along the eastbound MARTA line - I've always wanted to shoot them. There's lots of interesting graffiti there, too.

And probably some interesting gang activity. YS(afety)MV.
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Second Wazoo's suggestion, also. Great light.
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Response by poster: rokusan, I’m not sure where you are talking about. Can you give me a landmark? Which Peachtree and which Washington do you mean?
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The Atlanta Water Works might be a good location.
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The water works is a good locale and then you can go across the street over by Star Provisions located towards the end of Howell Mill Road. There is an old building there that is slated to be "remodeled". I believe it is circa 1920 and would make for some good historical shots if nothing else- I think it is called Whites something as it it written on the building. The train tracks run right along it so you have two venues to shoot. If you start in the morning you will have some good lighting. If you stick around you can grab some lunch from the building next store inside Star Provisions- they have some good sandwiches. The lighting and the shadows will improve as the day passes by. You can balance out the past with the present as the back drop to the east will be the tall buildings of Atlanta.
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Check out Marietta Rd. and Marietta Blvd. area (not far from Star Provisions) there are lots of warehouses (and Nuevo Lardo Cantina) and there is a huge rail yard and a cemetery over there. If you keep going west, check out Whittier Mill Village (whittiermillvillage.org).
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I've always wanted to take slightly abstract (slow shutter speed, blurry cars, a bunch of the curves of overpasses and underpasses) pictures of the absurd highway infrastructure. High vantage points would help.

But that's just me.
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If you're near Star Provisions on the corner of Howell Mill and Huff, Walk down Huff and turn left at that first driveway (it's right behind the SP/Taqueria complex. Follow it all the way back (past the fabric place and some other little shops) to find a big red former mill/warehouse now housing artists and other cool stuff. The building is lovely (inside and out) and there are chickens running around there as well. Train tracks nearby also.
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Not technically Atlanta, but if you're up for an hour excursion north, the cemetary and downtown of Rome, Ga., is extraordinary — and that's in a state with a lot of picturesque downtowns and cemetaries.
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If you're into graffiti at all, there is (or used to be?) a lot of great work in Cabbagetown's Krog St. train tunnel.
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