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What is the minty-est cruelty-free toothpaste?

I like strong mint toothpaste. I tried Tom's of Maine once, and the baking soda taste was terrible. Unless I accidentally grabbed an unflavored version? Strong cinnamon taste would be an ok second preference...but strong mint is better!
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There are lots of flavors of Tom's, (avoid the orange). I think there are at least two different mint ones. I couldn't stand the baking soda taste originally because I was used to the sweetness of other pastes. Now all I taste is the peppermint. I'd be interested in other, though, as well, just to try out.
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toms of maine peppermint is UBER strong.
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I use Tom's and I don't detect any baking soda flavor. I use the Whole Care spearmint gel.
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Try using Tom's for a couple weeks. Next time you try grody-sweet Colgate or similar, you'll gag.

I use the mint gel too.
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The Tom's cinnamint is too strong for me, and that's saying something. It looks, though, like they're discontinuing it. Stock up while you can.
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I switch back and forth between the Tom's Wintermint and Spearmint flavors. The Wintermint is very fresh-and-minty without being as strong as the straight-on Peppermint flavor.
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I personally like Tom's plain old Peppermint. Works great, it's cheap at Trader Joe's, but I can get it at Target if I can't make the cross-town trip to TJs.
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Tom's is good but an alternate choice is Jason.
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Another vote here for Tom's Wintermint! I started using that after a lifetime of Crest, and I haven't looked back. I actually prefer the flavor - it's less sickly-sweet, and interferes less with what you might eat/drink after you brush your teeth.
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i like burt's bees. they come in lavender-mint and cinnamon, and both are pretty nice.
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Peppermint's too strong for me, from Tom's. Wintermint is perfect.
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Jason Natural's Powersmile is dang pepperminty, and is without the baking soda taste of Tom's of Maine. If you can find it, Squigle toothpaste is minty and quite popular among those with problem gums.
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Mentadent is pretty damn minty, and it has baking soda and peroxide for that makes-your-teeth-super-smooth feeling.
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