Are there hosts that let you create a custom web form that accepts attachments and then lets you view the collected results on the back end?
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How can a non-coder A.) make websites that are application forms that accept both text and attachments and B.) let me view the collected results on the back end instead of sending the results to email? Are there services out there that provide this functionality to mortals? Cheap is good, of course.

My organization hosts trainings, gives grants, scholarships, etc. We invite people to apply for them. We've been doing this via e-mail and Word forever, which is absurd at this point. I've gotten us to move to basic web forms on public pages of our intranet or SurveyMonkey, but people then still have to email us any needed attachents. We have an IT department, but getting anything out of them is like pulling teeth. It takes forever, costs a lot, and usually lacks key features due to limitations of internal systems they want you to use. We often have tight turnaround, so it's just not worth it.

I want to be able to create small websites on the fly for these various events/awards. I want custom branding, a page or two of static background content, some images, etc. And then mainly I want to be able to create custom forms for the applications. SurveyMonkey can handle this in a pinch, though it's pretty rudimentary and not really designed for much else than surveys. The kicker is that I need for people to be able to upload files with their applications. We need various documents from them which can't be submitted as just text (e.g. scanned certificates, licenses, etc.).

So how can I, basically a non-coder with a handfuld of 1995-era html formatting tag knowledge, do this? Are there cheap services out there that offer site-builder tools that allow you to make custom forms, and which will accept attachments with the forms? I have used turn-key site builder tools on Network Solutions and another host, so I can make basic web sites, and now they even offer prefab feedback form building blocks, but no attachment function, and the results go to email.

Making the site with that form/attachment funtionality is the bulk of my question but what I'd really like is for the results to not go to email. Rather, like SurveyMonkey, I'd like for them to go to some hosted database with an easy viewing interface and export capability if needed. I'd like to be able to go to this site's back end, see all of the collected applications with their associated applications, and page through them.

I'd like to make a site like this and point a particular URL at it.

Are there any sites that offer services like this with builder tools for non-coders?
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Wufoo is a great form builder application. You need the (cheap) paid account to be able to upload files.
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Um, it's free, can do what you want, but has a bit of a learning curve. It's Drupal. Maybe not what you want, but certainly should be considered as an option.
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It all depends on what your hosting environment is like, but if you've got a more-or-less standard LAMPP stack, this is a ~5 minute coding job for any half-qualified PHP monkey.
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Like Wufoo, FormAssembly will do what you want with forms and attachments. They have monthly and pay-as-you go plans.
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Eeeexcellent, people. Thanks. We're actually looking into doing a Drupal implementation for other reasons. So that might be perfect. I'll check out these others too. Keep 'em coming, folks.
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I'd also highly advise to check out MODx. However, I'd also highly advise spending a day or two moving from 1995-era html formatting tag knowledge to modern day knowledge. It's really not that much of a leap. It would help tremendously.
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Zoho Creator can also do this.
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Drupal can do almost anything, but it's not easy if you don't know some PHP.
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