Where should we install our water filter?
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We got a new under the sink water filter and are trying to decide where to put it. Our stainless steel sink is set into the granite, so no free holes to sneak the faucet into - we'll have to drill a hole in the granite. Where on the granite do we install it?

Most people install faucets by the original sink faucet. But we currently have a Brita gallon filter to the side of the sink and that's very convenient for filling up pots for cooking and for getting water when the sink is in use.

This is a permanent 1/2" hole. In the granite. Here's what the new faucet/spout looks like. For potential resale of our house, is putting the new faucet where the Brita is a huge mistake?

Photo and room for photo notes here.
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We have a similar water filter and I strongly recommend against putting it where the jug is. The filter spout tends to drip a bit after you turn it off, so you want it to be somewhere near the sink, so that you can direct that extra water down the drain, rather than onto the counter (otherwise you'll have to leave your glass there until the last little bit of water comes out). You wouldn't put a faucet in without a drain underneath it and this is essentially a mini faucet. I'd also recommend putting it near the corner of the sink, so that you can easily turn it so to fill your glass while it sits on the counter (you don't want to have to hold your glass while it fills).
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just to the right of where your soap bottle is
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A question for your question: why are you adding a tap (plus keeping a Brita filter jug) in lieu of a adding a filter to the supply of the existing faucet? I'm of the mind that the fewer things projecting from aroung the sink, the better, and you should have nicer jugs/carafes for doling out water.
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Just to clarify, we're getting rid of the old Brita and getting this new water filter. We have a faucet that doubles as a sprayer and were unable to find an attachment for this faucet. So that's why we're putting in this second spout. We'll likely have a carafe where the Brita is now for water on hand.

I think we'll follow the suggestions and put it in the back where the current faucet is to avoid said drips. Thanks!
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