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I've just bought a new Motorola Q because I am keep on organisation; however, the tasks and calendar seems horrible and there doesn't seem to be any note function. Am I just stupid or is this thing totally lacking in functionality?

I am moving over from a Blackberry 7250 which I was getting upset with, but this seems so much worse. Are there third party apps that I might need? I do not like outlook, but at this point I would like to get as close as possible. I use David Allen's GTD system, so I would like something that can help me get my computer and pda connected properly.

I am thinking about returning the phone and getting another one from Bell (I'm in Vancouver Canada)

It seems my only choices are:
Motorola Q
BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition
BlackBerry 8703e
Palm Treo 700p
Palm Treo 700wx

Should I stay with my current Motorla Q and find some new software?

Should I return it and then just wait for something better?

Should I switch phones?

Or am I missing the best solution to this problem?

I did a bunch of research beforehand, but now I do not think it was enough.
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I've been extremely impressed with my Nokia E61. It's a smartphone, and a member of the respected Series 60 third edition family.

It can do Blackberry email and Exchange email amongst others. True PUSH email.

It syncs beautifully with my iMac and its calendar and phone book are very useable indeed. I don't use the tasks on the device but my impression is that they are less so.
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The Q is not about adding tasks locally, the Q is about Outlook Sync. If your life isn't run by Outlook, the Q is not for you.

There is a note function in there, but it's sort of obscured.

There are probably third party apps that address your needs...taking a look at yields:

Yahoo Calendar (if you don't live life by Outlook)
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I also have an E 61. While it doesn't have the capabilities of a Palm device, it is extremely functional and I would say just as functional as a Blackberry or perhaps an iPhone. I have a choice of three browsers on the e61 -- Opera Mini standard opera, and the built-in browser, which is nothing to sneeze at.
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Nokia has a notoriously fantastic UI. Motorola has a notoriously bad UI. The reverse is true for marketing skills.

Check out the Nokia E70 and the Nokia 6120 Classic and the Nokia 6121 Classic. Those are what I would first consider right now. You may have to buy it from an online shop that specializes in imported phones; there are many of them.

Presently, I have a Nokia N73, and I'm extremely happy with it. My only complaint is that there's a blinking light when it's in standby mode, which is faint criticism indeed.
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I am using SmartPhoneNotes on my Q. It adds the missing notes functionality you seek (integrates well with Outlook).
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I'm a total type A myself, organized to the second, but I have trouble with devices that require a lot of upkeep. Had a Q myself for just under a month before I brought it back. Also was a Treo user for about 5 years prior to that. When I switched, it was to a BlackBerry (8700) and I haven't looked back at all. It is the most user friendly device I've ever had, and I have everything I need either built in or in third party apps. Plus you have the benefit of push as opposed to pull email functionality. /pitch. Email in my profile if you have any questions re: switching to BlackBerry
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Ahhhh you HAD a BlackBerry! Just a note then, the newer BlackBerry (8700 in particular) are a lot nicer and more solid.
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The Palm OS, though long in the tooth and stuck inside of smartphones that are still 2004 chubby, is still pretty much the champ for PIM functions. Blackberry beats it for email, of course, but the OS can accommodate just about any new functionality and there is a broad and longstanding developer community out there, so there is every kind of application you can think of. I use mine for so much. I look forward to something as thin as the Q, Blackjack, iPhone, Dash, E61, etc., and to the next generation Palm OS if it ever comes out, but it's still great as it is.
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Before you return the phone, be sure to investigate any freeware, shareware, or commercial third party Windows Mobile applications that might handle your desired functions better. Sites such as,, etc. may have useful replacements.
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Okay folks. Bell Canada uses CDMA technology, which means that the Nokia N73, E61, iPhone, and Dash cannot be used with this carrier.

Of the phones you mentioned, the Blackberry 8830 is the best, by far. It uses the new scrolling ball (which makes navigation much simpler) and is almost the most advanced Blackberry available. Unfortunately, your list is kinda sucky. If there is a way to wait for the newest Blackberry to hit your network (which comes with a more modern media player and Wi-Fi), I would wait. If you absolutely cannot wait, get the 8830.

The Q is a good idea in concept, but terrible execution. MOT is notorious for having really stupid menus (if I'm not mistaken, the Q should be running Windows Mobile 5.0, which is another mistake). The Q is also a year older technologically than the 8830. Goto the store and try it out.
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Here is the latest Blackberry. Yes, it's a UK website. Yes, it's GSM (and therefore not going to work for you). BUT, it's a sign of the future. And the future is coming (supposedly) in the next couple of months.
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