Damn Dirty Bus-Riding Hippies!
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For a friend: On the way home from work today, I touched a pole on the bus that someone's nasty oiled/lotioned hand had been on. Now my hand reeks, and it's giving me a headache!

It reeks of sandalwood or patchouli or a similar essential oil. I've washed my hands with several different soaps. I took a shower. I even did the dishes. It STILL smells. It really is giving me a headache.

What can I do to get rid of this smell so I can eat my dinner in peace?
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Rubbing alcohol usually works. It's what they recommend to get rid of perfumes, and it will cut through oils.
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Lava soap is good for motor oil and other such things. I would imagine that it would work with a essential oil as well, if rubbing alcohol fails you(r friend).
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Slice a lemon open and rub it on your skin.
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Stop sniffing it :) If all else fails, maybe try the 'rubbing on stainless steel' thing. It does seem to work for some odors.
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Olive oil has worked for me in a similar situation. Just rub it all over your hand, rinse it off, and wash with soap.
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Do lemon AND vinegar. That oily stuff is the worst. My condolences. If you're really desperate, soak your hand in a bowl of warm water with a couple cap-fulls of bleach. It'll dry your hand out but it will also remove that smelly oil.
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Try rubbing it with plain sugar, then washing. That removes garlic smell.
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Stainless steel
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I have found minty toothpaste to be a good remedy when similar things have happened to me.
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I'm assuming you've tried soap and water already. :)

I'd work up from there to rubbing alcohol, since some oils are alcohol-soluble. If that doesn't work then I'd try other oils, which would include citrus oils (lemons, Goo Gone), vegetable/cooking oils (incl olive, although I don't like that smell much on my hands either), or mineral oil. I think I'd probably try mineral oil first since it doesn't have much of a smell. Baby oil is usually just mineral oil with lanolin, so you can try that instead if it's easier to get. And then if that doesn't work, I'd work my way up to stronger solvents, like Clorox.

If this were 20 years ago I'd say go down to the hardware store and just get some MEK, but apparently that causes horrible cancer or something, and you can't buy it anymore.
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smash up a Hershey's bar in your hand and rub it in.
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Used coffee grounds are great for getting rid of odors.
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A dab of Vics Vaporub--under your nose.
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The real question, I think, is how are you gonna get that smell out of your keyboard after running here to ask? :)
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Look up the mix of vinegar and tomato juice that people use for skunk spray, and try that.
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Take a little bit of what everyone here has suggested, put it in a stainless steel bowl and soak your hand in it.
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