How to turn off Markup as a default in Word 2007?
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How do i turn off Markup once and for all in Word 2007, for real?

There are lots of articles in the net about turning markup off in Word 2003. Been there, done that. Problem is, all of the properties and options screen were reduced to something very basic in 2007.

I can turn off markup per document, but i want to get rid of all the mark up in all of the documents. How do I make Word 2007 open every document in "final - no markup" mode?

This is extremely frustrating. The Help files for Office have "How to turn markup off once and for all" help file, but it only works per file, not as a default setting.

i'm willing to hack the computer to pieces. Please help.
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Man, I was hoping there would be an answer to this. I'd like to know this, too. It's driving me nuts.
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Have you turned it off in a model document, and saved that doc as the standard template?
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Response by poster: not yet. i'll give it a shot tomorrow and report.

my problem is with old files which live on our server. there's more mark up than text!
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Why Microsoft Office Word displays tracked changes and comments by default

To prevent you from inadvertently distributing documents that contain tracked changes and comments, Word displays tracked changes and comments by default. Final Showing Markup is the default option in the Display for Review box.

quoted from article below, should help you out

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