Seeking Open Source Membership/Attendance Tracking Web App
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I'm looking for a Web application that can track member contact information and meeting attendance for a user group. Nothing too fancy, but should be open source and run on a Linux server (perl|PHP|Java would be ideal).

I have been asked to set up a Web site for managing the membership information for a local (non-profit) technical user's group. It does not need to be a complex application, but should support:

  • Allow users to register themselves (and set up a password)
  • Store basic contact info for users (name, email, address, phone #, etc.)
  • Allow users to edit and delete their own records
  • Allow a select few admin users to edit/delete any user record
  • Allow us to track who attends monthly meetings of the group
  • Allow an admin user to e-mail announcements and meeting notices to registered users via this Web site
And it needs to run on our Linux server, which is currently set up for running perl CGI scripts, PHP and Java Web applications, though I could support other languages if need be. Something like this must certainly already exist, but I've had no luck in finding it. Also, I am a programmer, so I can fill in a few missing features if the closest match comes up a bit short.
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I have no information about whether it'd be the best method, but Drupal equipped with the Event and RSVP modules will get you all the way to your last bullet point in about 20 minutes.
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I don't like Drupal (it's slow, and, I think, convoluted), but if you're going that route, you might want to start with CivicSpace (formerly DeanSpace), which will have some of that functionality off the bat.
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