Is it worth it, or should I just acquire another one?
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Dropped PDA on bus. Everything's fine but the screen is scrambled. The scrambling is getting worse every time I turn it on. Odds of getting it fixed without it being too expensive or is it time to find (yet) another one off of eBay?

Dropped a clamshell Sony Clie (NX70V). Screen was scrambled.

Screen re-oriented between the two modes (clamshell open and flipped-over-open) - could still see icons but everything was offset and there were vertical bars (a few pixels wide) that were offset. Basically unuseable, but it felt like a connector was loose.

Tried it again a couple more times (after pressing reset/&c). The screen is more scrambled and doesn't seem to change modes between clamsheel open ad flipped-over-open (and not even icons nor the soft-reset screen can be distinguished from any other screen).

Took the screen-area apart; unplugged and re-plugged the micro cable connectors. Put the thing back together again. No difference.

Took the back plate off - daunted by the very very tight sandwiching of components. Getting at the base-part of the display connectors is more of a pain-in-the-ass than I'd care to try (although if I did end up buying a new [used] PDA, I'd go ahead and rip the thing apart and try to put it back together).

Given the symptoms, would it be worth it to try to get the thing repaired - there are a few places around town which are listed on the Sony site but might not be capable of doing PDA's in-house (and which might not be successful or end up costing more than an used replacement in the $50-$200 range - I'm considering downgrading since I'm poor)?
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there are a few of these on eBay right now going for under $175 - even buy-it-now pricing. I'd either buy a new one and sell it for parts or spend a weekend stripping it down and maybe seeing if it wasn't just another cable I didn't know about in the screen that was screwy. there is a possibility, though, that the impact knocked components off the board or something got fried from a cable being improperly seated.
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Have you checked out how much it would sell for on eBay with a non-working screen? If the difference between that number and what you'd spend on a replacement is less than an hour or two of labour, then I'd say it's time to replace it.
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Sorry to mention this, but I have an NX70V and a Stowaway keyboard for sale for $125. (I hope that this "advertisement" is acceptable on MeFi....if not, I promise not to do it again.)
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