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Help me get my files off of my cell phone!

From my home computer, I copied a number of files onto a microSD / transflash card. I've put it into my Samsung D900 phone but now I can't retrieve it from my other computer as I don't have a flash card reader on this one and only have the phone directly connected to the computer via USB. I've installed Samsung PC Studio 3 but there's no option to read from the flash card.

Any solutions?
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Longshot, but when you connect the USB it doesn't create the flash card as a new drive, does it?
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Can you not copy the files from the card onto the phone memory, and then use PC Studio to copy them from the phone?

/me sympathises with the crapness of PC Studio.
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Response by poster: 700 megs of mp3's won't move over so nicely :(
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Best answer: Wait? I have the D600 phone, and I can copy files directly from the inserted flash card to the computer via USB without moving the files to the phone's memory first. I'm not sure how the D900 works, but all I have to do is go to (by memory, because I'm at work) the phone settings section, then USB settings, then select the USB Storage option. After that, the computer sees the flash card as a hard disk.

I'm not sure if you have something similar on yours.
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Then again, I know there is no such option on the Samsung A707 Cingular Sync phone, which uses a different OS.
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Response by poster: Gaiamark - thank you! I dug through the phone settings (on the phone) and there is a USB connection setting to switch it from "modem" to "mass storage"
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