Help with Microsoft Word (underlining)
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In WordPerfect you had the option when underlining, of underlining all words in a sentence including the spaces in between, or just the words. In Microsoft Word you don't seem to have that option. Is there any way in Word that you can underline a sentence, but have the underlines only appear under the letters and not the spaces? Thanks!
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For Word 2003, highlight the text you want to underline, go to Format menu, then choose Font, then there is a dropdown box for Underline Style. Change this to "Words Only".
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Yep, that works for Word 2004 for Mac, too.
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Also, if memory serves me, you can highlight the sentence (with either the mouse, or Shift + Arrow Key), and then press Control + U (Ctrl + u).
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CC, that will turn full underlining on and off, but will not toggle the style between full underline and words only (for my MSWord 2003).
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Shift-Ctrl-W toggles word underline on and off.
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