Name This Short Run TV Flop - It Had An Exploding Head...I Think
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Do you remember a show - around the time of the a team, knight rider street hawk etc.. This guy, was an astronaut... The sun's radiation got through his visor He used to get really angry, could run fast but his head almost exploded and would pulsate. I think in the last episode his head actually did explode. Quite a crud super power I suppose. But he could run after cars and flipped out whenever anybody picked on his girlfriend. It really flopped and was a short run thing - I think they killed him off (hence his head exploding).
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There's the parody 80s show Heat Vision and Jack, where Jack Black's character was an astronaut who became the world's smartest man when the sun's radiation got through his visor. The rest of it is completely different, though. His sidekick is voiced by Owen Wilson who is a talking motorcycle. And there was only one episode.
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Maybe The Flash - he fights crime by being able to run really fast.
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Sounds like Northstar to me...
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Definitely Northstar.
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You guys RAWK in a big-big way!
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