Where should I go kayaking near Boston?
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Where should I go kayaking near Boston?

About six friends and I want to go kayaking within an hour or 2 drive of Boston. We'd need to rent equipment and maybe want a guide. I'm thinking salt marshes, not big waves. Does anyone have experience doing this? Any suggestions for places to go or companies to rent from?
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I seem to remember that one can rent kayaks in Waltham (around 20 minutes from downtown Boston) in the vicinity of the Waltham Westin Hotel, for the purpose of paddling on the Charles River.

Here's some further information on kayaking in Waltham.

I believe it's also possible to rent kayaks to take out on Walden Pond in Concord.
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If you're looking for salt marshes and slightly more congenial scenery, there are many places to rent kayaks on Cape Cod, and many brackish inlets in which to paddle them. Virtually every town on the Cape has a place to rent boats.
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The Ipswich River and the Essex River empty into the ocean near Crane Beach through marshes and there are some kayak rentals near there. Try contacting the chamber of commerce or some of the B&Bs there for info on kayak rentals and guides.

Try calling these guys.

Also, the folks at Foote Brothers might be able to help.
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Not salt marshes, but the Concord River is nice for kayaking. You can rent kayaks and canoes.
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You can also stop off at Russell Orchard to pick some blueberries. I was there yesterday on my way to the beach and the bushes were heavy with tons of big, juicy, almost-ripe berries.
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The south shore of RI has a nice series of connected salt marshes and ponds. http://www.ricka.org/
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More information about the area here. The marshes in Rowley should be nice, but you may have to do some googling or calling before you find rentals/guide.

I envy you. Every time I drive through Cape Ann I want to kayak the marshes.
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You can rent equipment on the Charles River in either Allston or Newton at Charles River Canoe and Kayak. The Newton location is open year round and I believe offers guided tours of the river and the harbor. I've rented from the Allston location before and it's actually a pleasant place to paddle around.
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Best answer: I went kayaking with a group of friends a couple of years ago up in Rockport, MA through these guys. I would highly recommend them-- the guide was great and it's beautiful up there! I think they have a variety of tours.
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The Concord River is fantastic for kayaking. The Charles is, as well, but I speak from experience when I say you don't want to end up in the water...
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