Saturn in Virgo, UGH!
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Saturn in Virgo. I'm a Virgo. Everything out there says this is going to SUUUCK. What can I expect? What can I look forward to? Thanks in advance :).
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I'm a Virgo and I was telling a friend of mine that I'd been feeling a little off lately. She wrote me this. It might be helpful for you.
Summertime depression would not surprise me in a Virgo (that's you right?). If all goes as expected (which is never a guarantee :) you should be experiencing an energy (a.k.a. ego) surge at the tail end of Leo as sun begins to make its way into Virgo. I don't know your whole chart of course but my guess is you have Saturn somewhere important right now. That is to say, Saturn is REALLY close right now. Saturn is the task-master, the crystalline father figure (as opposed to the Santa Clausy Jupiter... giver of blessings and gifts) Saturn is the father figure who says, "A minus? Are you SURE you did your best? Couldn't get the A?" Saturn kicks our arses but the rewards are of course cosmic and in the micro, make us stronger.

Saturn is testing all of us right now in ways that are individual to each. That's my guess, because it sounds as though something core is being tested. Maybe you have Saturn in the 9th House... higher thinking/consciousness. :)
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Response by poster: Jessamyn - my Saturn is retro in the third house (nadir). My ass is feeling kicked already, and like more where that came from.
I am born with the Sept 1965 stellium.

Any help is much appreciated.
Peace and blessings to you, angel.
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I'm a Virgo and everything is pretty chill so far. I just bought Cure tickets. I suppose Robert Smith could be seen as a crystalline father figure, but that might be pushing it.

Really, though, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about Saturn. Have some health food and clean something. That's what Virgos like to do!
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Another Virgo here. Its been a great week and next week looks even better.
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Confirmation bias. If you think things are going to suck, you're going to make them suck, or only see things that suck. If the horoscope you're reading says that things are going to be great, then they'll be great. Go read a different horoscope. None of them are based on reality anyway, so they can all say whatever they want.
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Response by poster: Oh, lemuria

I LOVE the cure. Where are you going to see them? I agree there is a crystalline father in there somewhere :). I love Robert Smith - he's been with me for a long time. :)

You're right - STOP worrying for a change, clean a few things up, have a big gulp of fresh water and green tea and get on with it already!

Geez! What was I worried about?

Whew! Thanks Chick. I owe you one. :)
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I'd say horsepoop to it, but frankly, my Saturn return kicked my ass - it was a terrible, terrible year. Did I mention it was terrible?

I'm a Gemini with Virgo rising. All the horrible bad happened more than 10 years ago.

I have no idea what yours will bring, if it brings anything. Mine brought the death of both parents - about six months apart, and in between, the death of a longtime relationship. YMMreallyreallyV.

I've known people who went through what was supposedly their Saturn return and nothing happened. Well, nothing out-of-ordinary bad, anyway. Regular stuff like speeding tickets or losing keys.

That said, there wasn't anything I could have done to prevent any of it, whether it was caused by Saturn or not. Keep your friends close; write; adopt a favorite stupid TV show (one that's smart enough to keep you distracted, but won't be seriously emottionally engaging); find a new cool hobby, maybe. This is all good stuff to do anyway, so have at it.
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Response by poster: Thank you jessamyn for extracting the crap. You rock in a special, special way I can't even pronounce.

Most benevolent blessings to you, angel.
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Response by poster: rtha

Thanks so much fro the practical advice. I have a few chosen on Bravo and the E! network. Please keep in touch.
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The good news is that amiable Venus enters your sign this weekend. The bad news is that the fickle goddess changes her mind and turns retrograde before the month ends. Venus officially vacates Virgo on August 8 and doesn’t return until October 8. Therefore, whatever happens, whatever promises and pleasantries are exchanged between the Cancer new moon on Saturday and July 27, which is when Venus flips, probably should be taken with many grains of salt, limes and tequila shots. Even a trustworthy colleague may not be able to deliver. -

Tequila shots! Limes! What are you talking about? This month is gonna be great!

And if tequila's not your thing, between some icy mint tea, a walk on the beach, and some light pampering (pedicure time!), Saturn's going to end up way, way on the other side of benevolent Jupiter, who will block all these negative vibes and let you get on with your fun summerness unabated.

[ps: hi neighbor!]
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Response by poster: The good news is that amiable Venus enters your sign this weekend.

Thank you baby Jesus.

should be taken with many grains of salt, limes and tequila shots
Again, not my first choice, but whatever is necessary.

(pedicure time!)Pedicures? Oh yeah, I forgot! YAY! Thank you rockiehoroscope and mdonley, my neighbor!
Saturn's going to end up way, way on the other side of benevolent Jupiter, who will block all these negative vibes and let you get on with your fun summerness unabated.
Let's hope so - my rising sign is Saggitarius and I'm really looking forward to some FUN coming up!
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There's no rational reason to believe that you should expect anything significant to change merely due to the position of the stars and planets.

You can look forward to a MetaTalk discussion.
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I'm not an astrology follower, but this link, over at Free Will Astrology seems to offer deeper looks at your sign.

And here's a link about Saturn in Virgo. Based on similar links I looked over, the difficulties you're facing should be viewed as challenges to overcome in order, a sort of test of yourself, in order to inspire personal growth.
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when i am experiencing troubles, astrological or otherwise, i try to be grateful for what i have and try to make the best of the situation
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Hmmm...I'm a tenth-house sun Gemini. Saturn hitting it coincided with the time I realized that I was never going to feel settled where I lived and I had to stop using that as an excuse for not sending out my writing--and I had a poem accepted. My 8th house Saturn return a few years earlier played out in ways I didn't expect, but did fit its issues.
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seconding matilda. Also, don't forget that there are lots of influences in the world. Astrology can be one (I'm not a huge believer, I don't think believe it's true for most people -- except for Pisces, jeez). Look for these other sources. As other people have mentioned in the meta, your choice of tags suggests you have already resigned yourself to some unpleasantness. I would also suggest the way in which you're interacting with this board suggests that you felt a need for commiseration rather than elucidation. I myself tend to be very reactive -- to the weather, to bad things in my life, to the negative emotions of others. Any of these can set me off to feeling miserable. At times like these, I remember what Stephen Covey wrote in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (I haven't been able to follow most of what he's written and I'm not even sure if it would work with me, but this always stuck): "Reactive people are sad when it rains. Proactive people bring good weather with them." Something like that.

In other words, despite the psychic obstacles presented to you this month, there are a lot of positive energies that you can put into motion for yourself. I don't really believe in astrology on a day-by-day or month-by-month basis, but I do believe that sometimes (particularly if we "believe in it") the universe sends us signals and we can respond to them and make our own realities (within the limits of the scientifically possible, I mean). So, for example, if this month really is about the "crystalline father" getting on your case about poor life performance, perhaps now is the time to finally start doing all of those things you keep saying, "I should really be doing more x" about. This will send the universe (and yourself) the message that you are serious about pursuing meaning and happiness in your life.

Incidentally, I think it's possible to regard all the above from a purely scientific-ish angle: doubtless as humans we are greatly affected by how we feel and think about our situation. If we are getting signals that we perceive as negative (regardless of whether other people might believe in these signals themselves), this will have a negative affect on our lives. Similarly, by responding to these signals purposefully and postively, these beneficial changes to our behavior can only lead to good things. Everyone wins.
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I don't know all my astrological details, but for goodness sakes, on Sunday, I broke down with grief that I've been holding in for a dead relative, and on Monday and Tuesday, my fiance and I split up. Curses upon saturn!!!
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If astrology is leading you to believe that you will be unhappy, you owe it to yourself to prevent this from becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. I encourage you to seek out peace in other places. YMMV.
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According to an astrological reading given by Jeff Jawer on my 14th birthday, I am very, very, very Virgo. I'm not sure what this means, but more than half of those planets were bunched up there in the 9th house.

I'm not sure what role astrology plays but since we're offering anecdotes I'll add mine:

This summer has been fairly uneventful so far. I've had a cold/allergies/infection that I can't seem to shake and I've been missing my usual swimming and gardening. Communication with my partner has been more difficult than usual. We've had to work a little bit harder to understand each other. My mood has been happy but a little frustrated by fatigue.

We might all choose to look to an upcoming planetary transition to facilitate some positive changes. Where is the harm in that?
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