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How can I get Gmail to show up in Google Reader (not the other way round)?

My new employer bans web-based email clients, so I can't get to my Gmail at work. This is normally not a problem, but I'm also two weeks away from closing on a house and need access to my Gmail account so I can keep tabs on what's going on. I thought I could just use my phone to connect to the net, but I work in a basement, so my phone doesn't get any service down here.

I can, however, get to Google Reader.

There are all sorts of Greasemonkey scripts and things that will get Google Reader to appear in my Gmail, but is there a tool or anything that exists that will allow my Gmail to show up as a feed in Google Reader? Or is there any other way I can get my Gmail delivered to me (I'm using Outlook at work, but the company's pretty tight about adding/changing stuff so I don't think I'll be able to monkey with it too much...)?

I can set up my Gmail to forward stuff to me tonight, if I have to, but I'd rather see if there's another way to go...
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Just have it forward, not worth getting fired over or making you look like a trouble maker to your new employer.
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But here you go
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Right-o. Set up a new Gmail filter that forwards all email from the house people to your work account.

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Here ya go.
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Well, if they've banned it with firewall rules, this will be less straightforward; chances are greasemonkey's not going to cut it.

If you can't get to at all, you might have to use a public proxy.
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oh, even better. There's me overthinking a plate of beans.
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Response by poster: not worth getting fired over or making you look like a trouble maker to your new employer

Surprisingly enough, my new employer was the one that suggested I find a way to get gmail in google reader. They know I'm buying a house but also know the ban is non-negotiable (several people in the IT shop, where I am, get around it apparently) . Thanks for the tips - if the ideas in the links don't work I'll just set up a forward...
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several people in the IT shop, where I am, get around it apparently

Make friends.
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If you have a hard time getting to Gmail on their computers then one nice work around would be to access Gmail using your phone.
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You may want to try an alternate url to reach gmail, they may only be block versus some of the alternatives.

I grabbed the following from "How to access Gmail when it is blocked at work or school" which also offers some other alternatives.

Instead of using use

You can also try

* or
* or
* or
* or
* or

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Has anyone tested this actually in Google Reader, I have tried several times to get Gmail to feed into Reader and it doesn't seem to work. In fact, a comment on the page that zeoslap and Happy Dave posted reads:

"I have tryied This whole convo of ideas gmails’ rss feed does not work in their own reader. If it does it is not one of the above formulas."

So, instead of posting google results, does anyone have a way to actually get Gmail into Reader?
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