Solve this imported complex puzzle and win a prize!
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I've got these wiring clips for a utility trailer that are supposed to hold the brake light wiring against the frame. Action photo!

How do these puppies work? I put one together as a feeble attempt, and it can't clip to the trailer rail but pops off. I may just use zip ties or something. Thanks for any suggestions!

The prize that goes to whomever solves this first is some menial amount of paypal chump change and bragging rights.
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The metal piece clips onto the edge of the frame rail, and the plastic bit clips into the metal piece. I'd go ahead and use zip ties, honestly -- this set-up looks like it will come loose going over a bump.
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Response by poster: Thank you! It does look ridiculous. If I get no better answers then you are the grand prize winner!!!!
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Maybe this is too obvious, but the blue plastic piece is for splicing wires together. The flap gets snapped down after the metal blade piece is pushed in to splice the wires.
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Best answer: The blue plastic clips are not part of the support system. (they are meant to be used as shown here)

The black metal clips slide over the edge of the metal trailer frame, with the wires in the opposite larger side of the S - like so.
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Response by poster: Ack! I splice the wires with wire nuts. The clips are obviously worthless, so I ran out and got zip ties as a backup. Our panel of expert judges has determined that Davey Darling wins for both the usefulness and artistic skill of his entry. Please send your paypal address to to claim your token prize!!!!!!!
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Be careful with the wire nuts - they won't hold up that well to the abuse of the road (moisture/vibration). At the very least, you should give them a good wrapping with electrical tape. A dab of silicone right into the wirenut would seal things up pretty nicely..

Ideally you'd solder the connections and use a shrinkwrap over top.

You don't want your trailer lights failing in the middle of a trip.
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