Give me the finger
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I'm looking for a large version of the classic Victorian "this way finger". A vector file would be ideal, but any large enough raster images would do as well. Also, what exactly would you call that thing? I know it would be considered a dingbat but I can't imagine shopowners ordering signs saying "Give me that finger thing, you know, the uhh, finger?" I was able to find some pointing fingers but they're too clean. The Victorian style in the first link is what I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Dover always has lots of these (on CD even), and I seem to remember they call them "pointing fingers."
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Best answer: ☜☝☞☟☚☛

Also, I rather like this one.
I would call it a pointing finger or a pointer finger.
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Response by poster: small_ruminant: Bugger and Blast. How could I forget the Dover Pictorial Archives?!? If it's good enough for Edie Freedman, it's good enough for me. I can't yet find one there, but I think a bit of digging may turn something up.

ikkyu2: That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Many thanks!
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The dingbat you're looking for is called a "fist." Look for it under that name and you'll find hundreds.
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Best answer: I've got a great detailed copy of this archived in an "signmakers" EPS set at home, drop me an e-mail and I'll forward it to you when I get a minute to pull it off the DVD. I'm not particularly aware of any specific nomenclature regarding this usage, however.
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Best answer: A great deal of the Dover catalog, including pointy fingers, can be found in raster form at
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Another option is the Wood Type font from the Adobe library.

The version in that font doesn't have as extensive shading in the hand as your first link, but it does in the sleeve.
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I forgot to ad I could create an outlined eps of that glyph as well if you wanted it.
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Response by poster: And this is why I love ask.mefi. The Hive Mind is a beautiful thing.
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If you have PowerPoint (I'm using PowerPoint 2003 for pc), go to insert -> picture -> clip art. Then put "pointing" in the search field. Amongst the results, I get three Victorian-style pointer hands. They are vector images and can be ungrouped and manipulated.
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P22 makes a Victorian font set, along with two "ornaments" (dingbats, mostly) fonts to go with it. There is at least one pointing finger ornament, possibly more, and the fonts are great fun.
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It's also built into Illustrator. Create a line and then Effects > Stylize > Add Arrowheads, numbers 23-26.
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I've been wondering what the name of this symbol is for years. It's often used as a section divider in literature. Like the pointy finger, it seems to be a timeless piece of graphic design.

Maddeningly, amtho's link to P22 offers another example but no reference!

(Apologies if it's not kosher to add a question within a thread, I couldn't tell from reading the posting guidelines.)
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