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Is there a software that remembers the open windows sizes and locations in Windows XP?

When I am working in certain software I have notepad open, a quicktime movie open, and another window open with certain media files that I can easily click when needed. Is there a software that can remember what software I have open, and the window positions and sizes of open windows so that I don't have to set up myself every time I begin my work?
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Something like Actual Window Menu or Actual Title Buttons might work for you. And I've been playing with an interesting little freeware program called Deskloops that might be an alternative approach for what you want to do. You could also do this through VBScripting embedded in template documents, although that is a steeper learning curve.
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If this is for remembering session state between the time you power off your computer and power it back on, then you could try selecting hibernate or standby from the shut down menu.

I hibernate my laptop before I go home each night during the work week so I don't have to setup all my applications again the next morning. For the most part, hibernating works very well, but I have noticed that if I hibernate my laptop for more than a week's worth of consecutive nights then it may take forever to start up or might crash outright. So, I always shut down or reboot my laptop at least once a week to clear everything out and that seems to keep it happy.
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Best answer: I've been using ZMover to do this very thing for quite some time now. It's a 30-day trial, but I liked it enough that I paid the $15 to register it well before that trial period was up.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone...looks like ZMover works best for me. I tried Actual Window Menu and it had too many option and a few bugs when working with multiple monitors. Zmover is very straight forward and works great with the multiple monitor setup I work with...worth the $15...
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