BTW, my last boss was a felon.
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Does it look bad to have a convicted felon as my last employer with regards to getting a job in the federal government (US)?

I don't have much in the way of work experience. The most recent employment I have is under a convicted felon (served time, paid a fine, and is currently under probation, complete with ankle tracking device). I have no problems on my record, but if I apply for jobs within the federal government (in the US), is the fact that my previous employer was a felon going to send up red flags?
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It depends on where in the Federal government you want to work. A lot of government jobs don't do any kind of background check.
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If what you were doing was not connected with the activities which resulted in his conviction, you shouldn't have a problem. Even mobsters have maids. On the other hand, if you were an un-indicted numbers runner, for a person who was busted for RICO and gambling, you might have a problem getting on with the FBI, after a tough background check. But, you might be fine working for the Department of the Interior in a clerical job, where a simple "wants and warrants" check might be the most they'd do.

Apply, be honest, and see what they say. Worst that can happen is you get a no.
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Depending on where you live there should be an organization such as Legal Aid who you can call and ask a bunch of questions about this kind of stuff. Many places even have an 800 number or info line. If not, call the main number and start asking until they transfer you to someone helpful.
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I am a Federal employee (Dept of Interior, non-sensitive), and I did have a background check when hired ages ago, before all the terrorism fear.

Unless you are applying for a position that has high sensitivity, I doubt it would be an issue. The background check is on YOU, not on your former employer.

Apply and see what happens.
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I know several federal employees who used to work for convicted felons, and their background checks were fine. Some of them even have TS security clearances.
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You should be ok - after all, if this were the case then there would be a tremendous number of politicians who could not obtain/re-obtain office, eh?

As others have said - the background check is primarily on you.
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