Vaginismus Help in San Diego County
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Vaginismus Treatment Filter: Anyone have recommendations for psychologists or sex therapists in the San Diego County area who specialize in the treatment of vaginismus?

I have been hoping for too long that my (primary) vaginismus would just "go away on its own." I need to find a qualified specialist, and unfortunately I only have about two months in the area to do so (after that I will be moving out of the country).

My primary doctor told me to call my insurance company to get a list of names, but I'd rather try to get some personal recommendations and then sort out the insurance drudgery. Otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to end up wasting too much time making appointments with doctors who aren't what I'm looking for. (Though I understand that scenario might be unavoidable.)

The condition is anxiety-induced (ie, not due to past abuse/molestation/whathaveyou), if that makes a difference in the type of specialist recommended.

All suggestions welcome, and thanks in advance.
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While I cant speak to your specific problem, you might contact . Shes in Northern San Diego, and if she can't help you she might know someone who can.
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