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I have an account and I've recently set up a Google Apps for Domain account so that I am in the possession of address hosted at Google. I'd like to get my ~17,000 messages migrated to the other account. Has anyone done this before?

I've heard that there is a work around with using POP but it doesn't preserve conversation threading, labels, unread marks, stars, etc. Anyone have any experience with gxFER from Nolimit? Does it work? Does it do a high fidelity copy or move?
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I haven't done this myself, but I saw this just yesterday that might be helpful (scroll down a few screens to the section titled "Transferring Mail into Gmail for Apps from *another Gmail account*"). No idea if it preserves threading etc.
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I do not know the answer, but you might try this group as a resource. They have been helpful to me in the past.
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Response by poster: thanks harkin banks, i came across that as well and that describes the POP technique.

Thanks JohnnyGunn, I'll check that out.
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The site mentioned by harkin banks also links to this which lists a free gXFER: Google account transfer that seems to do what you want.
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Oops, I didn't see you'd already found that.

The Resource Manual for gXFER describes it as using Gmail's mail fetcher program which sounds like it just configures the POP downloading for you.
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This may or may not help you.
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