New uses for 3.5 floppies
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Lots and lots (and lots and lots) of 3.5" disks. Don't want to just trash them. Any ideas (possibly crafty) on recycling them?

Our office is empty this holiday week, and those of us left on the skeleton crew have been putting a hurt on the packed-to-the-ceiling storage room. We came across boxes of archived (and no longer needed) 3.5" floppies... probably 800 to 1000 of them. We don't want to throw them out. At the very least, we'd like to recycle them (if possible). Even better, any suggestions for a crafty re-use for these technological microsaurs?
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They make surprisingly excellent cases for 3" CDs.
posted by ktrey at 1:03 PM on July 6, 2007

Tote bag, or the old 101 Uses for AOL Disks.
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Lots of ideas yesterday. I liked this one.
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Thanks for the pointer MtDewd... I searched for floppies but forgot all about Zips.
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My roommate and I were talking the other day about making a suit of nerd-armor out of 5 1/4" disks, with 3.5"s as plating.

Probably not what you want, but still crafty.
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wall hanging or mosaic tapestry
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I think recycling is the best idea. Another possibility is to donate them to a computer museum if they are brand new. If you keep them around, they can help you turn back time when you feel nostalgic for things old. For example, if someday you decide to buy one of those classic computers of the 90s era and you decided to write a book within Word Perfect 5.1--you'll need those diskettes to get the files out out of the PC!
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Recycling, not really. But the Nerd Armor is a great idea.
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I like the pencil holder shown here.

If you had enough different colors it would be cool to make a mosaic out of them, like those post-it ones. I don't know if your office would be hep to that as a decor option, though.
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Here's another idea
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Some excellent ideas out there. We do have two shades of blue, three grays and black. There could be enough to a decent mosaic piece. With the right image and some photoshop work, we can turn out a nice gift for marketing to give to IT.

Thanks for the suggestions, all.
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How to make a starship Enterprise out of an old floppy disk, if you're a trekkie.
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